Swine flu also known as H1N1 virus is a relatively new strain of influenza virus which causes symptoms similar to common flu like fever ,cough ,sore throat ,runny nose ,headache, bodyache and breathing difficulty in severe cases. We are currently witnessing outbreak of swine flu in Delhi NCR with nearly 600 reported cases and 8 deaths.

  • Spread:

    highly contagious and can spread by coughing and sneezing and close contact.
    Virus can linger on tables and surface areas like door knobs waiting to be picked up.

  • Treatment:

    Antiviral drugs available to reduce severity of disease.

  • Prevention:
    • * Effective affordable vaccines available.
    • * Stay away from infected people..use face Mask preferably N95 mask.
    • * Wash hands and use hand sanitizer.
    • * Consult a doctor immediately if you show any symptoms of flu.