Newborn skin care...What we need to know?

Newborn skin is susceptible and sensitive to trauma and infection and require special care.When it comes to looking after baby's skin,there are many questions from new parents.

    • * Can be given once the baby 's temperature is stabilised.
    • * Can be given 2 -6hrs after birth in a healthy term baby and delayed in low birth weight and preterm babies.
    • * Bath should not last more than 5mts.
    • * Use sterile or potable clean water.
    • * Syndets are soap substitutes with pH closer to baby skin.
    • * Baby powders are best avoided.
    • * Can be given once the baby 's temperature is stabilised.
    • * Wipe from front to back.
    • * Avoid baby wipes.
    • * Keep skin clean and dry by exposing to air or gentle patting.
    • * Apply small amount of emolient followed by NAPPY cream to NAPPY area for prevention of nappy rash.
    • * Cleanse with a good hair cleanser 2-3times a week specially after oil application.
    • MASSAGE:
    • * Donot use over the counter oils or kitchen oils NOR sunflower and mustard oil.Coconut oil is preferable and time tested.