Pediatric Audiology

Listening and speaking skills play a vital role in a child’s social development. The term pediatric audiology is related to hearing, speech, and behavioral issues in children. These issues are the first indicators of the hearing problem. The ability to hear can play an important role to learn language skills and speak.

Pediatric Audiologist can diagnose hearing disorders in infants, toddlers, children, and teens. Audiologist is skilled professionals who use different forms of testing to find problems and determine the best treatment.

Audiological treatment involves both diagnostic and rehabilitation services, which are used to determine the type and degree of hearing deficit and treat it respectively.


It is essential to identify the hearing problems in a child’s life for normal speech and language development, as well as social development. Parents can recognize the problem at their level. Symptoms of hearing loss in children are:

  • Children who facing the problem, speak loudly.
  • They have attention and concentration problem.
  • They only respond on face to face communication.
  • They ask to repeat the things.
  • They face a problem in speaking.
  • Listen to music or TV a bit loud than others.
  • They have trouble in following the sound directions.
  • Faces problem in learning and speaking.


Parents are advised to see an audiologist as soon as they recognize the problem. They prescribe hearing tests to determine the reason for hearing loss. After determining the presence of hearing loss, pediatric audiologists provide the appropriate treatment.

The pediatric audiologist will tell you what problems were found and what the success rate of the treatment is. They can prefer the surgery, and can also be referred to an ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat doctor), speech therapist, sign language teacher or occupational therapist to give the best treatment plan.