Painless Ear Piercing

Ear piercing is a popular ritual in females from ancient time. But now it comes in trend as a fashion for women and men both. It enhances the look. Many youngsters are going to the ear piercing professionals. People are concerned about the pain of getting piercings still everyone who has gotten their ears pierced.


Generally, ear piercing is painful. Sometimes swelling gets in the ear. Many time it got infection also. A needle pierced through your earlobes hurts. While some people say it only hurts a little like a bee sting and a few might even say it hurts a lot.

Sometimes the sharp pain after the piercing is over very quickly in just a couple of seconds. That pain quickly subsides and is replaced by a much duller pain.

The dull pain is often felt as a throbbing sensation. That will last for a few hours and generally be gone itself. After the piercing is done with, the pain may go away, but could also be replaced by general tenderness in the pierced areas. Sometimes swelled bumps into your ears or grazes up against them, though.


Professional suggests the people that piercing must be done by new and hygienic technique. During this piercing technique, they used Ear Care Antiseptic which used to reduce the risk of infection without the drying or chapping that can occur with use off rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. Ensure you follow all the instructions carefully and take well care of your piercing to avoid infection. Clean it regularly using good products.