Newborn care

Newborn babies are soft and delicate. Their immune is so weak to get affected by environmental conditions. Care of new babies is a deep concern of pediatrics and parents. Taking care of a newborn that looks so fragile and beautiful is a big responsibility for new parents. Their safety and precautions are recommended for parents.

Newborn babies care after the birth:

These little ones need extra care and precautions. After birth, the first two hours are very important for an infant. Doctors perform some test and examine after the birth of a baby.

  • APGAR is a physical examination after birth is necessary. This test ensures your baby is healthy or not.
  • First two hours after births is also the best time for breastfeeding. Infants have the ability to begin nursing immediately. That first yellowish milk filled with antioxidants and protein, colostrums is extremely beneficial for the baby.
  • The weight of newborn babies should be between 2-4 kgs. The weight is an indicator of your baby’s health. Adequate weight gain is important for a baby’s physical and mental development.
  • Vaccinations such as Hepatitis B (HepB) and vitamin K injection after birth are also important for babies.

After discharge from the hospital, new parents are suggested to take care of their babies with some extra care such as:

  • Keep the baby warm during sleep, but not too warm. The baby's room temperature should be comfortable for them.
  • Too many layers of clothing or blankets can overheat the baby.
  • If you feel the required weight gain is not taking place, do consult a pediatrician and plan a diet for the baby.
  • If your baby does not poop in 24 hours, it may be because of intestinal obstruction, and you must consult a doctor immediately.
  • Breastfeeding for your child is necessary, your milk is the best, most nutritious food that you can give to your infant, and breastfeeding your child is great for your health as well. You can start breastfeeding your baby about an hour or two after birth.
  • Follow the chart of vaccination. It is important to get vaccinated on time for your baby.