Growth Failure or Short Stature Assessment

Height is an important factor of a human being. When a child is not growing at the normal rate for their age is called Growth failure. Short stature is a condition for people whose height is below average compared to the height of normal people. The growth rate is an important indicator of overall health.


Growth failure occurs due to some of the major reasons like family trait, a genetic condition, growth hormone deficiency, and malnutrition or under nutrition. Growth delay happens when a child is not growing at a normal rate. The delay may be caused by health condition, hypothyroidism. The most common cause of a short height in family history, parents whose height is below average.

Some people may experience long term medical complications. Hypothyroidism is a cause of short stature. A tumor in the pituitary gland also affects the growth.


Treatment depends on the cause of short stature. Some types of short stature can be diagnosed at birth. In that case, the pediatrician can help to reveal any abnormal growth development. If doctor suspects growth failure, they would suggest some physical examination and X-ray access the problem with bone development. Growth hormone injections are necessary if growth is restricted by the hormonal problem. If a child is under nutrition, the child may need nutritional supplements. Normal short stature does not need any treatment.