Adoscelence Behavioural Counselling

The adolescent is converting the phase of childhood to adulthood. In this period a child goes through with physical, mental and sexual changes. Many growth hormones released by the body affects the child’s behavior. The consequence of change behavior may be seen as a mood disorder, anxiety, psychological disorder, lack of patience, violent behavior. Sometimes these adolescents’ problems can be very serious. It is advice to child’s parents to consult the doctor about the behavioral changes.

Problems of Adolescents:

Adolescence is the age of stress and storm. Issues of the mood swing, identity, sexuality, independence, and relationships define this stage. This is associated with many physiological and psychological changes. The most common problems during adolescence are childhood illnesses, mental disorder, and illegal behaviors. Poor mental health /Depression are one of the leading causes of illness.

Other reasons like violence, poverty, humiliation and inferiority complex can increase the risk of developing mental health problems. Malnutrition/ under nutrition and obesity create problems during the growth period. It affects their immune. Alcohol and drugs is a major concern among adolescents. It reduces self- control and increases violent behavior. It can also lead to health problems in later life and affects life expectancy. Suicide is part of depression. Other causes of death include accidents, unintentional injuries, and homicide.


In this growth age, children require special care from their parents. Parents and family can play an important role. A child attached emotionally with them. Parents are advised to take care of the child emotionally and mentally. Schools teachers and society can also help the child in his growth period.

A portion of good nutritional food is important for an adult. Physical activities like dance, exercise, and yoga are also helpful for mental and physical health. Provide training in life skills, good mental health programs can solve the problems. Promote healthy behaviors during adolescence and taking steps to better protect young people from health risks. Aware your child about the sexual and physical changes.

Parents can consult the pediatrician. They provide you complete guidance for your child’s physical and physiological health.